#Adulting: Tune-In Lounge

Diannysus has a great tip about a cool place to relax.

For years our family would enjoy our Disney vacations with only our daughters in mind. We would plan around what they would enjoy the most. Now that we enjoy adult vacations in Disney, I’m looking for other types of entertainment!


Epcot has plenty of locations for adult drinks and food, but other parks are limited.In Hollywood Studios, the Tune-In Lounge has been our go-to spot for lots of fun on a hot summer afternoon. I had thought it was just where people wait for a table at the Prime Time Cafe, but it is our hidden gem of a stand alone “attraction”. Festive drinks, wine, and snacks are what draws us in to the Lounge, but great servers, the usual Disney hospitality, and fun clientele are what keeps us there through the heat of the afternoon. There’s something about a yummy windex-colored drink with a flashing ice cube in it that screams “Yay we’re on vacation in Disney “


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