Resorting: Port Orleans French Quarter

An odd place to start I know. I want to let you in on some secrets I’ve discovered over time about some of the resorts. I’m starting here because French Quarter has some of my favorite secrets. Port Orleans is a resort cut in two. Riverside is larger and French Quarter is the smaller side. I love French Quarter particularly because of its size. There is only one bus stop and it goes directly to most parks with the exception of the bus to EPCOT (which makes extra stops in Riverside), so transportation is easy. As a moderate resort, it is also one of the more cost efficient options. Even though it is a small resort, you still get all the amenities of Port Orleans Riverside. But my favorite aspect of French Quarter is the breakfast of beignets and coffee. Bonus, because of the size, it is never a long walk to get to breakfast either. The recently renovated resort looks pleasantly new.

The theming of a resorts matters to me quite a bit because for me it really helps extend the magic outside the park, and I think French Quarter does a great job. The pool and lobby feel like a new and exciting experience. The rooms have a unique feel. The music pumped throughout the resort is my favorite of all the resorts. You can’t beat some New Orleans jazz as you make your way to the bus stop for rope drop.

While I love trying new resorts and changing things regularly, I will be returning to French Quarter for all of the small resort charm and large resort amenities.

Author: Sorcerer

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2 thoughts on “Resorting: Port Orleans French Quarter”

  1. I’ve never actually stay at Port Orleans French Quarter, I have pool hopped here and thought it was such a cool atmosphere. Disney truly knows how to make each resort feel different. Also, beignets and coffee sound delicious!

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  2. I’ve stayed at Riverside, but I walked over to French Quarter to try out the famous beignets!! They were delicious! The resort is also so very beautiful, I really enjoyed the atmosphere at both Riverside and French Quarter and would be beyond happy staying at either of them! 🙂


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