Kids Corner: 5 Best Things in EPCOT

As a quick introduction, I’ve asked my niece, now a very experienced Disney World traveler, to give us the insight of a young person about different aspects of Disney World and what she likes best about them. We don’t have to guess about what our children may like to do most. She will gladly tell us. Any edits I made are in brackets for clarification and I added the photos, otherwise this is straight from her.

By Pan

I have been assigned to write about my top 5 favorite rides in Epcot.


My first ride I will talk about is Spaceship Earth. I like this ride because you get to learn a little about the past. You descend the “vacation ball” as my brother calls it, backwards and tilted back making it feel like you are upside down.


Another ride I like is Journey into the ImaginationIt is about imagination and that you should use it and should not always be serious. I also like this ride because it has a funny character named Figment and he is really funny. This ride will make you laugh out loud.


I also really like the ride Test Track.  It is were you make a car and then ride in a car that looks kind of like the car you made.


I also like the Dancing Fountains, kids are sure to get wet when they play in that area.

I also like walking the countries [World Showcase]. You can also get different souvenirs from the country that you visit. My favorite country is either Mexico because it has great food or Japan because you can open an oyster and get a pearl. If you want to go to Japan just go to Disney World and go to Epcot. It will save you time and money.